Harvest Episode 04 is Now Streaming!

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Harvest episode 04 is now available for streaming. This episode covers the discipleship process and maps out three crucial insights that will help you as you disciple others. You can watch it below.

Timing of the Release

This episode of Harvest was completed several weeks ago, but I chose to delay the release until today. I wanted it to be one of the first new blog posts on the new Navigators.org website. The site went live later than we had originally anticipated it would, which in turn pushed the video’s release date back.

Changes in Online Strategy

Prior to the release of this episode I made the decision to shut down the dedicated website and social media presence for Harvest. The website address harvestseries.tv now takes you to a page dedicated to Harvest on The Navigators website.

From the inception of the series I’ve wanted these films to be first and foremost about advancing a movement, not an organization. I still feel it’s important for the videos themselves to be free of Navigator branding and references in order to keep it clear to the viewer that discipleship is a biblical imperative and not an organizational invention. However, I’ve come to believe that not having the videos housed within the organization’s main web presence is overkill. Increasing the visibility of the project is far more important.

Episode 05 — Coming Soon (No, Really!)

These Harvest episodes have typically been released about a year apart from each other. Sometimes that’s due to funding, sometimes it’s due to other outside factors. But episode 05 has already been paid for and the teaching segments have all been filmed. What remains is filming the b-roll footage and the post-production work. I’m projecting that the next episode will be released early next year.

Thank You!

Each Harvest video has been made possible by your financial support. I couldn’t have done any of this without you. Thank you for your continued support of my ministry with The Navigators!